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Saltwood Castle


Saltwood Castle gardens

Can you spot the peacock?

Went to Saltwood Castle NSPCC charity plant sale yesterday – what an amazingly beautiful place. Home of the late (and notorious Tory MP) Alan Clark, who became Minister of State and then Minister of Defence between 1989 – 1992.  The castle is still home to his widow Jane.
If you’ve never been, try and go the next time it’s open to the serfs, I mean public. Even the miserable weather didn’t reduce it’s impact. The grounds are really pretty,  with peacocks flying in and out of the trees and doves nesting in the ruined chapel. Tried to take some nice shots, but my lens fell off in the jungle dome of the Eden project a few weeks ago and it hasn’t been the same since.  Hence the blur in the pictures.

If you’ve got a passion for gardens and are in striking distance of Kent then the Saltwood Garden Safari is worth a visit, organised by the Saltwood Society on 26th June:

Sea link: Saltwood Society

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