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Carter’s Steam Fair, Margate


Great Carter Railway © Andy Tuohy 2010

Carters Steam Fair Helter Skelter and Carousels © Andy Tuohy 2010

Ok, I know this post is 1 month late but things here have been pretty busy trying to earn a few bob. Just doing a little catching up.

We made a day trip down to Margate to see  Carters Steam Fair at the site of the old Dreamland Funfair, which was just amazing. Things were pretty authentic and literally running on steam.

Piggy Back! © Andy Tuohy 2010

Quite a contrast to when I visited Margate a couple of years ago to produce an image of the old Dreamland Cinema. Things looked pretty grim then. Not long after the switchback railway had sadly burned down. The final nadir.  Good to see things seem to be picking up and, with Heritage Lottery money, hope is in the air for its future.  As evidenced by the turn out for Carters,  it looks like a return of the fair would be hugely popular. Keep living the dream!

For up to date info on Dreamland’s progress and events check out the Dreamland Trust’s website.

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