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Steam Day at the Fawley Steam Railway & Museum


The park, full of salvaged railway architectural features. © Olivia Wilkes 2010

We spent the afternoon on Sunday at the open day of the  Fawley private railway of The Hon. Sir William McAlpine Bt –  basically a  life-size  steam train set complete with park land full of exotic animals and a phenomenal museum.   The collection the museum houses is apparently the largest in the country in private hands and is a mind-boggling array of rail related objects and ephemera. There really wasn’t enough time to take it all in.

Fawley Mountaineer pulls in. © Olivia Wilkes 2010

Station Garden © Olivia Wilkes 2010

The afternoon took a turn for the exciting when the Fawley Mountaineer de-railed with us on it! All the passengers had to be ferried back in jeeps through the park in case we were accosted by the over friendly goats (which all lined up single file thinking we’d feed them – quite weird) and unfriendly lamas. We walked back through the park to see how the re-railing was going and everyone was still hard at it being marshalled by Sir William himself.

Off the rails! © Andy Tuohy 2010

Some of the many signs that covered the small station and were throughout the museum, it was a designer’s dream!

Station signs. © Olivia Wilkes 2010

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