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Pushing Print Open Print Exhibition



Pushing Print Open Exhibition

I am currently exhibiting at The Pushing Print Open Exhibition. This is an exhibition of print in all its diverse forms, featuring work by 62 local, national and international artists and will be running from 9th to 31st October.
The exhibition will be taking place in various different locations around Margate, Kent.


I have submitted two pieces: Dreamland Cinema and Margate Scenic Railway and they can be seen in the Margate Gallery.


Dreamland Cinema © Andy Tuohy 2009


You can find out more info about what’s happening with the Scenic Railway from The Dreamland Trust and from Joyland Books.

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  1. graham Ward permalink
    19/11/2010 10:29 pm

    Dear Andy,
    Many thanks for your kind post for Oscar’s Festival Cafe in Broadstairs. I was intrigued to see your print of the Dreamland Cinema; were you aware that I had worked as researcher and archivist for the Dreamland Project before I quit to open the cafe? My former colleague Jan has the print in our room- and is much admired by me.

    thanks again- I look forward to seeing you next time you are in Broadstairs

    best for now,

    • 22/11/2010 2:44 pm

      Hi Graham

      I didn’t know you had been involved in Dreamland. So, there you go. I have yet to meet Jan (Jan Leandro, I’m reckoning?), as I have only ever dealt with her by phone and e-mail. I really hope the project doesn’t stall during the political belt tightening.

      How is the shop going?



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