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Lens Louvre Gallery, France



I made a trip to Lens Louvre last autumn on a cold rainy day. It has been designed by Japanese Architect firm SANAA, and is a stunning building. The Gallery site covers 20 hectares over a former mine yard in what is still quite an industrial part of northern France, the Nord-Pas de Calais region.

The leaden clouds made for some really interesting pictures with the reflections on the concrete; the gallery magically disappeared into the sky. French Landscaping architect Catherine Mosbach designed the grounds. Very pretty, but the ridges in the concrete were proving somewhat problematic and dangerous for the older people around me, and I even witnessed an irate old lady getting her husband’s wheelchair stuck in one. Suggestion: fill them in with coloured concrete to retain the shapes.

Jerwood Boat Hull Merchandise Designs


Andy has created a new range of merchandise for the Jerwood Gallery in Hastings, drawing influences from the gallery’s site in the fishing quarter of the East Sussex town.

In designing the merchandise, Andy looked to the gallery building itself, as well as the views from the windows overlooking the fishing beach. As he states I drew on the shapes of the painted fishing boat hulls utilising the pastel Jerwood brand colours, which the gallery were keen to see used.’

The range currently comprises a cotton, bag, teatowel and mug, with more products expected to launch this summer.

To see the full range visit


Eighty Tate Liverpool



On 24 May, Tate Liverpool celebrated the 25th anniversary of its opening, and twenty-five years of the regenerated Albert Dock.

I remember it well and I can remember the eye catching poster with a lobster on a telephone stating ‘JUST DALI’. It actually scares me to think it was 25 years ago, as it really doesn’t seem that long ago. I am 48 now and was 23 then. In another 25 years time I will be 73… gulp! And that really does provide a sobering reminder of the way events and milestones can have the surprising habit of telling you how much time has gone. My first memory of a world cup at the age of 14 in 78′ blissfully unaware of punk’s effect on the music scene, having been at boarding school for the previous 5 years. Being 36 when 9/11 occurred in 2001.

Well, needless to say, I was very proud to have been asked to supply a goodwill message to celebrate Tate’s 25 years. Here’s to another 25, when I am sure I will be raising a mug of cocoa to a much loved art venue’s continuing success and celebrating my son’s 25th birthday too! If you can still find this post in 25 years time Master Tuohy, mine’s the one in the bottom left hand corner of the Liverpool Post.

Happy Birthday Tate Liverpool!

Great Modern Artists A-Z | We Like | Design Week


Great Modern Artists A-Z | We Like | Design Week.

Great Modern Artists Alphabet



Andy has designed an alphabet celebrating some of the worlds best known and important international artists of the last 100 years. Each artist’s portrait reflects their work or image.

The poster is now available from our website and measures 50 x 70cm. Why have one artist on your wall when you can have twenty six for only £12.95 plus p&p. Available from: That’s right, it’s not just our copywriting that’s cheap!

Henley Women’s Regatta Poster 2013


Henley Women's Regatta Poster 2013

I am really delighted to have been asked to produce a poster to celebrate the Henley Women’s Regatta this year. Inspired by Temple Island’s neo-classical architecture and sculpture these posters will be on sale at the event. For more details see

Our Beaney in Canterbury makes the shortlist

Limited edition giclee print of The Beaney, Canterbury, Kent.

Limited edition giclee print of The Beaney, Canterbury, Kent.

Our Beaney in Canterbury makes the shortlist

The Art Fund’s prestigious national competition to find the best museum in the UK has come to Canterbury as our very own Beaney House of Art and Knowledge has made it onto the shortlist of ten. Competing with some of the largest and best funded museums in the country this is no mean feat so congratulations to all the team at The Beaney for making it happen.

Braggables Blog



Braggables Blog

The lovely Australian blog Braggables – for all things design related and retail friendly – have mentioned my Melbourne prints of the Yarra Tram and Lunar Park.

Chocotate hits the shelves this April


Chocotate hits the shelves this April

Just completed the design for a set of 6 chocolate wrappers for Tate, including Milk, Orange & Geranium, White Lime, and Dark Chilli. All produced using the finest Fair Trade ingredients! Due to reach the Tate shop in April/May!

That’ll make you feel good until you realise you’ve eaten the whole bar, you naughty monkey!

38 Degrees | Save Our Forests


38 Degrees | Save Our Forests.









The government is planning a massive sell off of our national forests. They could be auctioned and fenced off, run down, logged or turned into golf courses and holiday villages.

We can’t let that happen. We need to stop these plans. National treasures like the The Forest of Dean, Sherwood Forest and The New Forest could be sold off.

A huge petition will force the government to rethink its plans. If we can prove how strongly the public are against this, they will have to back down. Sign the petition now at 38 Degrees.

Local Action Day – Sunday 13th February, King’s Wood, Challock, Nr. Wye / Ashford, Kent.

If you would like to join others listening to speakers, signing the petition and making banners in protest at the proposed sell off  Stour Valley Arts have organised a King’s Wood Action Day on Sunday February 13th, 2011 from 2 – 4pm meeting in the King’s Wood car park.

The sculpture project of new animal habitats by London Fieldworks pictured below is part of the sculpture trail in King’s Wood commissioned by Stour Valley Arts and is  entitled ‘Super Kingdom’.  Visit the forest whilst you still can to see more of the trail and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.  You can also visit the Forestry Commission’s website for further details on King’s Woods facilities.

King's Wood, Challock, nr. Wye, Kent. ©Andy Tuohy 2008